Cebu Pacific Airlines

Cebu Pacific is a low-cost airline based on the grounds of Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines. It offers scheduled flights to both domestic and international destinations. Cebu Pacific also has Mactan-Cebu International Airport, Clark International Airport, Kalibo International Airport, Francisco Bangoy International Airport, and Iloilo International Airport as its other hubs.  


Origins and Ownership

Cebu Pacific was established on August 26, 1988 and started its operation on 1996. The airline is a subsidiary of JG Summit Holdings. JG Summit holdings is the largest conglomerates in the Philippines with business interests in transportation, banking, food manufacturing, hotels, petrochemicals, power generation, publishing, real estate and property development, and telecommunications. JG summit Holdings is one of the ten most profitable companies on the Philippine Stock Exchange.

Cebu Pacific is currently headed by Lance Gokongwei, presumptive heir of John Gokongwei; Cebu Pacific’s Founder and JG Holdings’ Chairman emeritus.  

Cebu Pacific flies to 33 domestic destinations and 25 international destinations 15 countries.

What people are saying

As being a low-cost airline, customers are surprised on how Cebu Pacific accommodates them attentively and professionally. Though the only thing that the passengers hate about the airline is the frequent series of delayed flights. Other than that, passengers are quite happy and satisfied. Here are some of the reviews.


Cebu Air Pacific is considered a Low Cost Carrier. And my expectations with such airlines are low, out of experience. But this airline was a surprise in any category. Normaly I am contented, if an airline brings me in time from A to B, without trouble and delay. Peanuts? Not important. Wobbly sandwiches? No thanks. I can last four or even 14 hours without. But none of that on Cebu Air. A full scale meal on a flight of just over four hours. And very friendly attention from air hostesses. So called established airlines like Air France or Lufthansa could learn a lot from Cebu Air”
—Penguin888 (Hamburg Germany)


“Like most of the bad delayed days… today is One Cool Day though some delay, we still reach Kalibo earlier than expected arrival. Kudos to that day Pilot, though we had a bumpy ride but we are safe and sound arriving excitedly to the Island of Malay!”

—Charlie T (TripAdvisor Contributor)


“The flight left at 1am about 30 minutes late, but we were pleased, the arrival time would be better. Night flights can be very uncomfortable if there is no legroom but this one was fine, calm, we even slept most of journey. No annoying interruptions. It landed quite near the terminal building for a change, no long walk. Everything was fine”
—Parmo1 (Brussels)

The Website


The warm and welcoming interface of the airline’s website, will really cheer its users. In the website, users are allowed to search for flights, hotels and car rentals. They also offer flight promos that users can avail for a cheap price. You can learn more about the information of their promos by clicking this link.

Contact information

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +63 2 851 9463
  • Contact Email:
  • Fax Number: +63 2 851 7462
  • Head Office Address: Airline Suppliers Center, Domestic Road, Pasay City, 1301 Manila, Philippines



A genuine trait that shows the warmth of Filipino hospitality. Cebu Pacific, is known for its attentive and professional accommodation and assistance towards its customers’ concerns and issues. Giving them a nice, smooth flight, suitable for their convenience and satisfaction. It really doesn’t matter if it’s a domestic or an international flight, flying with Cebu Pacific Airline will always be as comfortable as you can imagine.  


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