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Cobalt Air is growing to be one of the prominent airlines in Cyprus, with improvement and expansion of their services. The Cyprus airline operates from a base that serves as their hub, adding aircraft and destinations to their operations to better serve their passengers.

In our Cobalt Air reviews, we take a look into the airline, their official website, their company’s background and history, and what passengers think of their service.

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Background and History

Cobalt Air’s main operating base is located at Larnaca International Airport in Larnaca, Cyprus. Founded and established in 2015, Cobalt Air followed the establishment of Tus Airways to be the second Cypriot airline established since the dissolution of Cyprus Airlines. It was on July 7, 2016 that Cobalt Air operated its first commercial flight flying from Larnaca to Athens. Since June 2016, Cobalt Air’s official airline website started selling air tickets from Larnaca to the following destinations: Dublin, Athens, Heraklion, Thessaloniki, London, and Manchester.

As of March 31, 2017, Cobalt Air’s fleet is composed of 2 Airbus A319-100 and 2 Airbus A320-200 flying, as of April 2017, to 16 destinations in 10 countries across Europe and the Middle East. For a comprehensive list of the destinations of Cobalt Air, using either passenger, charter, or cargo airlines, view this link. For 2017, Cobalt Air is planning to add China as a non-stop flight destination while turning Larnaca into a hub for their operations. In spring of that year, they are also planning to acquire Airbus A330 for long-haul flights. The future of their aircraft includes comfort seats which is a step up from the present direct airport booking of seats that Cobalt Air travellers experience. Andrew Madar has been Cobalt Air’s CEO since 2016.

What Users Have to Say

Based on 8 Cobalt Air reviews on Airlinequality, Cobalt Air was rated with an average of 7 stars out of 10. The most recent Cobalt Air reviews were positive, saying the “flight itself was really pleasant,” and that the cabin crew were friendly and attentive. In fact, most of the positive Cobalt Air reviews pertained to the airline’s accommodating onboard service and cabin crew. Meanwhile, other Cobalt Air reviews note the plane’s clean interiors and the flights’ punctuality.

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Based on these Cobalt Air reviews, I see that many Cobalt Air passengers found flight with the Cypriot airline agreeable and “pleasant.” Cobalt Air’s inflight menu like other airlines of this class could be improved, though food were also described as “fresh and tasty.” For overall service, Cobalt Air was, as Cobalt Air reviews say, “value for money” in terms of dining and ticket price.

Their Official Website and Inflight Experience

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Their official website’s simple and professional appearance makes browsing an easy experience for online travellers. Online, you can manage your booking and view the details of your Journey with Cobalt Air from their upper tabs.

Cobalt Air flyers pay for their onboard snacks and meals with cash. Since the airline’s moving forward, there are plans to start paying for services via credit cards. Passengers can carry up to three suitcases or carryons with them when they board, the details of which are in this link.

Contact Details:

  • Website URL:
  • Contact number: +357 24 00 00 01
  • Contact Email:
  • Head Office Address: Larnaca, Cyprus

Concluding Words

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After reading through several Cobalt Air reviews, I can say that Cobalt Air offers one of the best and most satisfying flights for aircraft or airlines of this price range or regions served. Many travellers trust and would use them again, marking how Cobalt Air influenced passengers greatly throughout the course of their operations.

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