Efficient customer service, Nice, clean and full of souvenir shops to choose from; food stalls and friendly staffs that accommodates every passenger even if things are getting quite busy. These are the things that every passenger/traveler wants, when it comes to airports. The fast yet convenient accommodations makes every travel hassle-free and enjoyable. We are going to tackle about Narita International Airport, and we’re going to see if they offer services that makes their customers feel the pleasure of traveling.

Narita International Airport

Narita International Airport Logo

Narita International Airport, formerly and originally known as: New Tokyo International Airport; is an international airport, serving The Greater Tokyo area in Japan. It is located east of central Tokyo, in Chiba prefecture straddling the border between the city of Narita and the adjacent town of Shibayama.

Handling around 50% of the country’s international passenger traffic and 60% of its international air cargo traffic, Narita is the predominant international airport in Japan. It was the second-busiest airport in Japan and the tenth-busiest air freight hub in the world. It’s 4,000 metre main runway shares the record for the longest runway in Japan, with the second runway at Kansai International Airport in Osaka.

Narita International Airport serves as the main international hub for Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways and Nippon Cargo Lines. And as ha hub for low-cost carriers: Jetstar Japan, Peach and Vanilla Air. It also serves as an Asian hub for: Delta Airlines and United Airlines.

Mr. Makoto Natsume serves as the  Chief Executive Officer, President and director of Narita International Airport Corporation(2012-Present). With former affiliations: Mr. Natsume serves as the Executive Vice-President, Lifestyle Business Development Headquarters and Representative Director of East Japan Railway Company(2000-2005).   

Reviews – What People Are Saying

Apparently, positive remarks from Narita International Airport’s customers on different reviews sites. Giving Narita International Airport a good reputation for being one of the best. Most of the comments were from how the staffs accommodate each customer and how clean and convenient Narita International Airport was. Here are some of the reviews:

I don’t mind coming to this airport WAY before my flight because there are so many things to do! Ok, maybe not like the airport in Korea. LoL. Still though… there are so many interesting shops before you go through security so be sure to check those out! If you forgot to buy something while you were traveling, you’ll probably find it here! Oh, and if you forgot to eat something, they probably have it here too! LoL.”

          —Shay F.
          Honolulu , HI

Pretty much as smooth and efficient as an airport can get. I highly recommend visiting Lawsons before you go through the security checkpoints. Its the last place you can score one of their fantastic egg salad sandwiches and any of the other many goodies available there.”

          —Jeff D.
          Belmont, MA

Nice, clean, and efficient! Surprisingly quiet and empty though, at least in the international terminal. Took less than 10 minutes for a family of 5 to get out of Customs. It is about an hour and a half to get I to the city though depending on where you’re staying. Their bus and rail systems are plentiful and efficient – best way to get where you need to go.”

          —Terrance P.
          Agoura Hills, CA


Narita International Airport 2

Narita International Airport Interior 4

Narita International Airport, offers different Facilities and services. Travel Support, Baggage and Delivery Services, Business Support, Internet Facilities, Rentals, Personal Services and so on. Narita was the first in the world to align their terminals, around the three major international airline alliances. Since 2006 the Airport has arranged for Skyteam, to use the north wing of the Terminal 1, Star Alliance carriers use the South wing of the same terminal, and Oneworld carriers to use Terminal 2. Narita International Airport has 3 Terminals. Terminal 3, which was newly opened on April 8, 2015 is a terminal for low-cost carriers. Jetstar Japan, Vanilla Air and three other low-cost carriers use the terminal.


Narita International Airport is about 90mins from downtown Tokyo. Narita Express and other express trains, as well as airport limousine bus are available for about $20-$30 per person. Trains and buses run on time and if you come with JR Pass exchange ticket, you can go to underground and follow the sign that says: JR pass ticket exchange.  

Terminal Map

Narita International Airport Map


Via Narita International Airport website: “ Vanilla Air, to launch new Narita and Ho Chi Minh(via Taipei Taoyuan) on September!”

Vanilla Air will launch a new service between Narita and Ho Chi Minh, on September 14. Passengers can enjoy all of the final day in Vietnam, since the return flight departs at night. Depart from Narita to Ho Chi Minh City, the Paris of the East.  

Contact info:

  • Airport Code: NRT
  • Phone number: +81 476-34-8000
  • Website URL: Click Here
  • Address: 1-1 Furugome, Narita, Chiba Prefecture 282-0004, Japan


In conclusion, Narita International Airport seems to have served their customers the best of what an airport should offer. The friendly staffs, clean and spotless interiors, smooth and convenient transactions and overall accommodation that gives every travel the pleasure of traveling. With lots of souvenir shops to visit and delicious food stalls, Narita International Airport stands up to its name. Do you have any reviews about Narita International Airport, too? You can share it with us by commenting below!


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