Welcome to yet another TrustedFlightReviews review, today we’re going to be doing our 2018 Flighthub Review for the year. Last year FlightHub scored quite well with us, but that doesn’t always mean much which is why we try to update our company reviews on a yearly basis. This year, to conduct our Flighthub review we’ll be looking at real customer testimonials from people who have booked with FlightHub. To get an accurate depiction of what people really think about the company, we need to find legitimate Flighthub reviews online and there are only a few trust worthy review platforms to use. The platforms that we;ll be using in this Flighthub review is Highya, Trustpilot and SiteJabber. They are all large online review platforms that require their customers to provide some kind of proof that they were actually a customer.

Without further adieu, let’s look at some Flighthub reviews.

FlightHub Reviews on SiteJabber

SiteJabber is a trusted online review platform that allows customers to post their thoughts and experiences with a company after signing up for a profile. On SiteJabber, Flighthub scored a 3.5/5 stars out of 2,332 total reviews. You can also see that Flighthubs review score may not be entirely accurate when looking at the score breakdown below. The breakdown is based out of 5 points, service, value, shipping, returns and quality. Every point received a minimum of 4 stars while shipping received a 3.5. Flighthub doesn’t ship anything and so it stands to reason that customers may have been confused by this option and rated it inappropriately, thus obscuring the total overall results.

Real FlightHub Customer Reviews

“It was my first time using flighthub but had no issues.”

I’ve used Flight hub for my flights on numerous occasions. Overall, I have been satisfied with the flights I have purchased, both within the continent and outside.

Jonathan C,

“It was a great experience!! Take off was on time!!”

Overall it was a great experience flying with Spirit!
Everything was clearly explained regarding baggage before the day of travel.
It was awesome to see the breakdown of the ticket price.
The spirit employees were helpful and the facility was absolutely clean.
We left on time and arrived before our set arrival.
Way to go!!

Catherine D.

“Site is User Friendly”

I always use Flighthub, I find the site user friendly and the prices are always the lowest. I have called their customer service on a few occasions and found them to be friendly and helpful.

 Teresa .K

Flighthub Reviews on Highya

The next company that we’ll look at for our Flighthub reviews is Highya. Highya is very strict on who they let post on their site, not just anyone is allowed. This is one of the main reasons that their review page only consists of a total of 279 reviews, but Flighthub did score an impressive 4/5 stars on Highya.

Real FlightHub Customer Reviews

Easy and clear booking

It was very easy and straightforward for me to find a flight that worked for me and was within my budget. I was able to pick my own seats, had optional travel and cancellation insurance, and was able to view the baggage rules easily.

Samantha Stielm

How it helped me

I was confused on how to find the flight that best suited me. At FlightHub, everything is so self-explanatory. It took me approximately 10-15 minutes to find a flight and book all the details. They even sent my itinerary etc. within a half hour of my booking. It took a load off my mind as I am off to see the grandkids and daughter who I have seen in two years.

Thank you, Gloria.

Gloria Desjardins

Great Experience with Flighthub

The app is easy to use and find the detailed information about my trip, and it renders fast comparing to other websites. The price and deal are solid and processed successfully. I would definitely book another flight/hotel/vacation here.

George Han

FlightHub Reviews on TrustPilot

The last review site that we will be looking at today in our FlightHub reviews 2018 article is a large online review platform called TrustPilot. They are a long established and trusted review platform on the internet. They have a large barrier to entry for customers posting reviews. This is the review site that FlightHub has received the most amount of reviews on totaling 74,622 and receiving a 4/5 star total rating.

Real FlightHub Customer Reviews

I always use FlightHub to book my…

I always use FlightHub to book my flights either to Sri Lanka, England or Barbados and have been able to score the best price for the tickets!


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