Since technology has been put to good use, performing our day-to-day activities has been easier and more convenient. The things we used to do for many hours, we can now finish in just a couple of minutes. One of the things that has been very helpful now is the internet. Having internet access allows us to connect with loved ones who are miles away from us, it provides access to information coming from different parts of the world, and best of all, it made traveling easier and almost stress free. In this JustFly Reviews 2017, we are going to look into the services offered by this travel agency and what users have to say about the services provided to them.

Background, History, and More Information

JustFly was founded by a team of technological experts with 20 years of experience in offering offline services in the travel industry. This team wanted to be the best when it comes to offering you,, their customer, low cost tickets efficiently in a user-friendly environment. JustFly has partnered with more than 400 airlines to give you the best possible prices and combinations suited for your travel budget and schedule. JustFly has a team of travel agents who can provide any kind of assistance you might need in booking and managing your trips over the phone to make sure that your vacation will be one that’s worth reminiscing .

Reviews/ What Users Have to Say

A number of JustFly Reviews written by customers say that the booking process was easy and convenient, some were even impressed with how simple it was to complete the booking process. Other compliments include great options,affordable prices, and accommodating customer service. There were some complaints on bookings but the team immediately replied to the customers and offered to help them make the necessary arrangements.

JustFly Reviews - Customer reviews

JustFly Reviews - Customer reviews



Their Official Website

FlightHub Reviews 2017 - JustFly Website

By visiting their website you can browse through a wide selection of low cost flight tickets, hotels, car hires and other travel deals suited to your needs. The website looks simple and easy to navigate, so you won’t have a hard time in trying to look for the perfect flights, hotels, car rentals and other travel deals..

You can check out their official website and other social media accounts to keep yourself posted on what’s new and if you want to know more about the company and their services.

Facebook Page:
Link to their Twitter account:

Contact Details:

  • Website URL;
  • Contact number: 1 800 717 5015
  • Contact Email:
  • Head Office Address: 50 Water Street Suite 302A, Summerside, PE, CA, C1N1B6

To wrap it up…

JustFly is an online travel agency that offers great travel deals to address the growing demand of customers who wants to go to their dream destination in different parts of the world, without having to worry too much on how they can easily book a flight, find the a nearby hotel or get to the nearest rental car location so they can move to their next stop. After all, it’s better to book flights and hotels prior to going on the trip to avoid paying for additional fees and just spend the money buying souvenirs to help you remember your adventure.

We hope that you will find this JustFly Reviews 2017 helpful in your future travel plans.



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