Finding a real budget-friendly flight ticket can be a pain. With so many hidden fees, one can easily be caught in the allure of online ads promising tickets with prices that will make your eyes shine. Online travel agencies are a blessing for many people. Particularly for those who hate dealing with persistent travel agents who keep telling you to book the cheapest flight only to end up costing you a fortune. Airline websites, while still very useful, can be difficult too! Some promos can come at wee hours and by the time you’ve heard of them, they’d already be fully booked.

Today, we’ll be talking about an online travel agency called JustFly. If you’ve never heard of them, that’s fine. JustFly may have served thousands of travelers but they still are not as popular as other OTAs in the industry. In our JustFly Reviews 2018 post, we will talk about the different services of this OTA, what their customers think about them, and we also give our personal review about their company in general. Let’s begin!

What’s JustFly?

As stated above, JustFly is an online travel agency who mainly offers flight tickets. Moreover, they also allow you to book hotel accommodations, rent cars, and even buy cruise ship tickets around the world. JustFly wants to be your go-to site where you can find the cheapest flight tickets in any destination around the world. Their ambition is to basically be known as a business that offers low-cost alternatives to travel essentials.

Their team is made up of several travel experts, software engineers, and customer service representatives. Together, they help form the business, serving an international customer base today. JustFly has also partnered with more than 440 airlines and thousands of hotel businesses to help supply them with promo prices.

A look at JustFly’s website


Their website,, is quite simple. The layout and features are similar to other online travel agencies today, and we believe that’s a good thing because it somehow follows a standard design for other OTAs. The first thing you’ll see is the booking form located right at the top of their homepage. Click on the service you need: flights, hotels, cars, or cruises. The booking form will automatically adjust to your selection. When booking a flight, just input your location, destination, preferred departure and arrival dates, number of passengers, and flight class that you need. A new tab will open and you’ll see a list of all flights that match your criteria. By default, this list of results will show the cheapest flights first.

Aside from that, you’ll also find plenty of useful things on their website. We suggest that you read their customer support page to help answer any questions that you may have regarding their services.

Customer reviews on JustFly

JustFly customers seem to be pleased with the bookings and customer service they received. Most of the JustFly reviews 2018 that I found were commending this online travel agency for their prompt replies, convenient booking services, and good website design. JustFly certainly knows how to please budget travelers because a lot of reviews are also praising the company for providing them with the most affordable tickets compared to the ones found in other online travel agencies.

Still, some people complained about website and system glitches that may have affected their booking. During such events, we suggest that people contact JustFly or the airline directly to confirm whether the success of their booking. This makes sure that your payment has actually been processed and accepted.

Below are some of the customer reviews that we collected for you to see.


JustFly sent me an update on return flights from Charlotte, NC to Philadelphia, PA and the timing was just right. The direct flight was great and the price was awesome.


I was glad that this was the site I chose to get me airline tickets. You made it easy to compare rates and your site was cheaper than roughly three other sites I had looked up flights on. Thank you!


This was my first time ride! I was able to get a very reasonable price for a ticket with American Airlines. It was a great experience. I got to my destination safely and happy.

This customer really liked JustFly’s booking services but did not really like their flight with American Airlines.


Just fly was great, Delta was great. American Airlines almost ruined our trip on our return home. Treated rudely, overcharged, even though the ticket was clearly marked of baggage charges, and plane was late.

Our conclusion

Based on the JustFly reviews 2018 above, the customers are fully satisfied with the online booking services that they offer. The prices are pretty good and the convenience they provide is also a great plus. We certainly hope that this continues as the years go by and we will keep updating you about this online travel agency regularly.

What do you think of JustFly? If you’ve ever tried this OTA before, let us know about your own reviews!



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