Webjet Limited is a travel booking website based in Melbourne, Australia. The website offers flights, hotels, car hire, cruises, holiday packages, travel deals and travel insurance. Webjet operates in Australia, North America, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore. It is the leading online travel agency in Australia and New Zealand and since 2000 it has been publicly listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). In this Webjet Reviews, we will discuss about the history, services and other information about Webjet.

Background, History, and More Information

Webjet Reviews - Webjet founder David ClarkeWebjet was established by former Jetset Travel Chief Executive Officer, David Clarke in 1998. Clarke served as Webjets’s CEO until 2007 and was the Executive Managing Director from 1999 to January 2011. He handled senior management positions with travel group, Jetset from 1977 to 1995. He had worked closely with some of the major airlines, Qantas, United Airlines, British Airways, Ansett Australia, and many others. He is also recognized internationally in the travel industry. Clarke works as the Independent Non-Executive Chairman and has been Webjet’s Independent Non-Executive Director since March 22, 2000.

Webjet became 100% automated in May 2001. This allowed customers to complete their bookings online. It also launched a WAP website in 2002 for mobile phones and started offering SMS customer support services. Webjet.com was launched and made its entrance into the online travel agency market in the United States in April 2010, followed by Webjet

Webjet formally disclosed its acquisition of its former rival, Online Republic, by airing a video on national TV in June 12, 2016. This strengthened Webjet’s presence in cruise and car rentals industry.

What Users Have to Say

“I experienced quite a few issues while trying to book the flight. First, every time I filled out the information, I’d get an error message that the flight was not available at that price range. I had to reenter my information 3 times before I was able to make the reservation. A few minutes after booking I got an email that that price was not available and asking me to confirm a higher price. Not the experience I want” says Olesja (via trustpilot.com)


Webjet Reviews - Customer Reviews














“The email notifications and web site were quite quick and good. The wait onhold wasn’t too long. Staff was courteous. But they only allow an unspoken two hour window for your to back out the booking without pay a cancellation fee of at least $100. We booked an International flight yesterday afternoon and in the evening wanted to change our dates to accommodate an unforeseen issue. Too late. And changing was more expensive than just cancellation. We ended up keeping the reservation.They should have warned us at booking that they don’t honor the 24 customary cancellation windows.” says Daniel (via trustpilot.com)

Webjet Official Website

Webjet Reviews - Webjet Website

The website allows customers to manage flight and hotel bookings, car hire, cruises, packages and other travel deals that are suited to your needs.

Official Blog: https://www.webjet.com.au/travel/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/WebjetAU
Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/Webjet_Au

Contact Details:

Website URL: www.webjet.com.au
Contact number: 1300 137 737
Contact Email: onlinetravel@webjet.com.au
Head Office Address: Level 2, 509 St Kilda Road, Melbourne VIC 3004

To wrap it up

In this Webjet Reviews we were able to see that Webjet offers fast and efficient travel bookings but many customers who have written Webjet Reviews have complained about cancelled flight without warning, reservations that are could not be processed, hidden charges and an increase in fares and prices after the bookings are made.
Tip: Before booking or making any arrangements, read some of the customer reviews or the policy/terms and conditions of the travel agency or website to know things that you should and should not do to avoid hidden charges or additional fees.


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