Opal Travel App Reviews 2017

Origins and Ownership

The Opal Travel app makes on the go travelling possible to Opal card users of whatever age range when in the areas of Sydney and greater New South Wales. From the convenience of your Android device, the Opal Travel app gives you information about your Opal card, your trip history and progress, and even information on public transportation and other Opal locations, connecting you to your Opal network and worry-free travelling.

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Check out our newest Opal Travel app reviews to find out more information about the main services and features of the Opal Travel app and what users think of them. We hope that these Opal Travel app reviews help.

Services and Features

Opal Travel App Reviews 2017 mobile deviceThe Opal Travel app is the official app for travelling the Opal network in Sydney and New South Wales. Armed with your Opal card and more, your journeys in these regions can be more organised and convenient right out of your Android device. The Opal Travel app is compatible with both registered and unregistered Opal cards.

You can check your account balance and add value to your Opal card. Other things you can do with the Opal Travel app are enabling auto top ups and planning your trips complete with fare estimates. Find information on public transportation as well through the app. You can receive disruption notifications on your trip and check out Opal retailer locations throughout.

Once you download the Opal Travel app, you agree to their terms of use – as with other mobile apps – and will receive those through your device or through Google Play.

For further information about the Opal Travel app, visit: opal.com.au/en/get-an- opal-card/opal- travel-app/

Reviews of Customers

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Based on 1,827 Opal Travel app reviews on Google Play, the app got a rating of 3.3 stars out of 5. The most recent Opal Travel app reviews detail some problems with this app: “The stop alerts were such a great addition! Pity they don’t work very well. If you leave the app, it resets itself. It may say you have a trip in progress but it stops following. You have to keep the app open for it to work which seems counter productive because then you can follow it anyway.” However, another of the Opal Travel app reviews said their user interface was easy to use.

Mostly, Opal Travel app reviews writers had problems with the app’s slowness or the fact that the amounts for top ups were too high. These people found that inconvenient and usually had to manually check on their app.

How To Reach Them?

Interesting Travel App Service

Opal Travel App Reviews 2017 brand iconThe Opal Travel app should and had been upgraded. Though, their users have to contend with its difficulty to use and understand other aspects of its service. The mix of positive and negative Opal Travel app reviews shows that there are some things that can be improved.

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