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Ryanair Mobile app reviews - ryanair mobile app

We live in a world where almost anything and everything can be accessed in the comfort of our homes or offices. In previous years, people have to go through the trouble of falling in line to books their flights and once again when they reach the airport to check in. But in this day and age, technology offers the comfort of doing both by just simply moving one’s finger. How? Through the use of mobile applications.  The previous article talked about Ryanair, the airline company. This time, we are going have a Ryanair Mobile App Review so you can reach Europe’s favorite airline with minimal effort.

About the App

Ryanair Mobile app reviews - ryanair - mobile app features

The Ryanair Mobile App allows you to plan and manage your trips, view flight information, look for cheap fares to your desired destinations in Europe. To make life easier, this Ryanair Mobile App allows you to check-in online and deliver your boarding pass straight to your mobile in just a few clicks.

Aside from the flight details, this app gives you access to a few extras like finding the find the perfect car, hotel, and seats to make your travel experience easier, more comfortable and memorable. Another plus to the updated version, not only does it make booking flights easier, now you can also send personalized messages and have access to more information that you might need while traveling.

Take Note

Although this app allows online check in for all passengers, be aware that when you are non-EU passport holder, you will still have to print your boarding pass since the mobile version is only accepted to EU passport holders. Also, this Ryanair Mobile App shows you a list of airports that do not accept mobile boarding passes, so be sure to check the list just in case to make sure that you are ready and good to go for your next life changing experience.

Since you’ve already read this Ryanair Mobile App Review, this will once again remind you to CHECK IN ONLINE. The app is provided to make your life easier so might as well use it, right?

What people say about the app

Ryanair Mobile app reviews - customer reviews

How to reach them

To summarize

Technology allows you to do things with just a few clicks and taps. It makes traveling easier and more comfortable by giving you, the traveler(s) almost every bit of information that might come in handy before and while traveling. But it does not end there; it only gives you a head start. You decide where to go and how to get there.

The Ryanair Mobile App is designed to make booking and managing flights easier for you, the traveler. Be sure to make the most out of it by using the app to know the things that you might need to do before boarding your flight. As they say “Europe in your pocket with our always awesome app”.



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