Using TourPal while you travel is like having a personal tour guide in your pockets. TourPal’s travel app allows you to enjoy audio tours and free, GPS enabled, city travel maps that you can access online & offline. These maps will show you all the tourist attractions, sights, restaurants, bars, hotels & shops in over 100 cities including New york, London, Paris, and Los Angeles. This TourPal App reviews will give you an insight on the features and services of the app.

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The App’s Services and Features

When you download TourPal on your device, the app allows you to access free-GPS based online and offline maps. The map can show you where you are and where you should go next. This app allows you to see the restaurants, bars, shops, and tourist attractions near you. TourPal also has a built in Hotels compare system that displays the best available hotel rates and allows users, like you to book flights, hotels, and cars.

TourPal App Reviews - TourPal Audio GuideTourPal has a unique feature that offers a wide selection of multi-lingual GPS based voice guided tours. The audio tours were made by professional tour guides worldwide. The tour guide app is available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish.

New Features like tour planners and photo albums were added on the recent app update. The tour planner allows you to create a customized tour from the included sites of TourPal as well as add your own sites for your favorite hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions. With the photo album feature, you can create, view, and share albums of your tours and keep your photos organized.

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Travel Guides with free offline maps are available for the following well-known locations: New York, Paris, Los Angeles, London, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Barcelona,Bangkok, Berlin, Rome, Washington DC, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Sydney, Las Vegas, Miami, Grand Canyon, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Madrid, Prague, Budapest, Venice, Vienna, Florence, Lisbon, York, and Brussels. While free offline maps for the following cities are available in the tourist guide app: Acre, Auckland, Amsterdam, Atlanta, Barcelona, Berlin, Boston, Bangkok, Bridgetown, Brussels, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Chicago, Dead Sea, Chiang Mai, Florence, Vienna, Venice, Grand Canyon, Istanbul, Las Vegas, Jerusalem, London, Los Angeles, Marrakesh, Lisbon, Melbourne, Madrid, New York, Philadelphia, Nice, Paris, Prague, San Francisco, Rome, Sydney, Vancouver, York and Washington DC.

What Users Have to Say

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Positive TourPal App Reviews talk about responsive and helpful customer service and that the app is very useful. Some users who wrote TourPal App Reviews complain about having to pay for some features, weak search functions, the app takes a long time to download and is not working properly.

How To Reach Them?

To sum it up

TourPal has useful and unique features that you can enjoy and use when you travel, but it has limited maps for some of the big and popular destination in the world like, Toronto, Greece, and other major cities in the United States. Some features are also not accessible unless you pay for a certain amount.

Tip: Before downloading TourPal or any other app, make sure that you read the features so you will have an idea on what you can access for free, to avoid paying for additional fees once you’ve used the features of the app.



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