Bangkok street food is known worldwide, not only the city is known as the outdoor dining capital of Asia for good reason, the street food you’ll find in Bangkok is nothing less than jaw dropping, taste bud exploding and downright amazing.

5 of the best street foods in Bangkok

Did you know that Bangkok is a synonym for Street Food? Well, probably not according to the official dictionary; but if you visit this fascinating city, your tour will not be complete if you don’t sit down on a plastic tool under the wide open sky and chow down on the country’s famous street foods on a makeshift table, and experience an explosion of astonishing flavors.

5 of the best street foods in Bangkok

Bangkok street food can be found in different places, roadside carts, in market stalls, shops and normally: the freshest and cleanest can be found in busy areas. In this review, we give you a guide to the 5 of the best street foods that you can find in Bangkok.

1. Khao Phat

Khao Phat

In Thai, Khao means rice and Phat means of or relating to being stir-fried. This dish differs from Chinese fried rice, as this very tasty fried rice is prepared with Jasmine rice and normally contains chicken meat, crab or shrimp; eggs, onions, garlic, Chinese broccoli, and sometimes tomatoes. The ingredients are stir-fried together with other ingredients, season with soy sauce, sugar and probably salt, with a little bit of chili for that kick.

2. Mu Ping

Mu Ping

This delectable marinated street food threaded into a bamboo skewer is often served with dipping sauce–usually dried chilli dipping as the most common. The marinade paste is prepared by pounding coriander root or cilantro root, pepper and garlic just to make it slightly spicy. The meat then will be grilled on charcoal, with coconut milk to preserve that rich succulent flavors and to have that enticing aroma that will always make those hungry stomachs, growl.

3. Pad Thai Kung

Pad Thai

Probably the most famous dish that Bangkok or even the whole country could be proud of. Pad Thai is Bangkok’s signature dish and when it comes to finding it out on your Bangkok street food tour, it should just take moments to locate a vendor. This delicious stir-fried noodle dish is made with soaked dried rice noodles, chopped tofu, eggs, and is complimented with the distinct flavors of garlic, dried shrimp, red chilli pepper, tamarind pulp and palm sugar. This dish is commonly served with vegetables like coriander leaves, banana flowers, turnips, bean sprouts, as well as with a lime wedge and topped with chopped peanuts.

4. Som Tam

Som Tam

A spicy salad made from shredded unripe papaya. The dish originated from Laos, but is also popular throughout Southeast Asia. The dish is prepared by combining the main tastes of the local cuisine: sour lime, hot chilli, fish sauce, and palm sugar. Though most of the time, shrimp, garlic, tomatoes and peanuts are also added to the dish. Som Tam is a staple hot Bangkok street food, one spoonful is a succulent blend of crispy, sweet, sour, spicy and salty. Be prepared for a burst of flavors!

5. Ho Mok

Ho Mok

This Thai curry fish custard is a multi-layered treat. The word Ho Mok refers to the process of steam cooking curry in banana leaves or to the resulting dish. Thick coconut cream and galangal the classic ingredients; the dish is prepared in 5 layers: the first layer is shredded Thai cabbage or basil, the second layer is chunks of fish, third layer is curried fish custard, the fourth is the thick coconut cream, then for the final touch: the pile is topped with slivers of red pepper and kaffir lime leaves in a banana leaf shaped like a bowl, and then steamed.       


Bangkok is famous for its wide variety of street foods, there is more to the list; and finding out the different street foods in Bangkok could be a fun and mouth-watering experience.

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