With its ancient brick walls, to its cold and shiny floors. Nothing beats the majestic ambiance of exploring an old castle. Every step and every turn of your heads gazing towards the every corner of these medieval structures, really turns us back in time—as though it’s telling us a story. Those old and preserved windowpanes with stained glasses still intact, antique paintings of the former owners or families—it’s enchanting! Nothing beats the feeling of looking at old, antique and ancient castles; especially if they look like they came straight from a fairytale or your favorite fantasy novels. In this list of Europe’s most enchanting castles, we’ll take a look at five majestic and glorious castles, that will really knock your socks off.


Bran Castle in Romania


Given its association with Vlad III, the historical figure related to the legend of Dracula. Bran Castle, located near Bran in the immediate vicinity of Brasov; is a national monument and landmark in Romania. Commonly known as Dracula’s Castle, Bran Castle is situated at the border between Transylvania and Wallachia on DN73. Bran Castle is now a museum and is open to tourists, displaying  arts and furnitures collected by Queen Marie. At the bottom of the hill, is a small open-air museum park exhibiting Romanian peasant structures; such as: cottages and barns from across the country.

Château de Chillon in Switzerland


Château de Chillon, is an island castle located on Lake Geneva, south of Veytaux in the canton of Vaud. Château de Chillon began as a Roman outpost, guarding the strategic road through the Alpine passes. The later history of Chillon was influenced by three major periods: The Savoy Period, The Bernese Period, and the Vaudois Period. It is situated at the eastern end of the lake, on the narrow shore between Montreux and Villeneuve, which gives access to the alpine valley of the Rhone. Château de Chillon is one of the most visited castles in Switzerland and in Europe.

Castle of Segovia in Spain


The Alcazar of Segovia—which literally means: Segovia Castle, is located in the old city of Segovia, Spain. It is originally built as a fortress but has served as a royal palace, a state prison, a royal artillery package, and a military academy since then. Today, The Alcazar of Segovia is used as a museum and military archives building. Though the castle only dates back to the 12th century, Archeologist believe that the site where The Alcazar of Segovia is built as been used in some castle-like capacity since Roman times, and maybe before then.

Bled Castle in Slovenia


Most photos of Lake Bled depict the picture of the 15th-century church at its center, which many travelers assumed that it is the fabled: Bled Castle. However, Bled Castle is perched above the lake, and although the views from it are majestic and serene, it pales in it charm when compared to the church. Bled Castle is a medieval castle built on a precipice above the city of Bled in Slovenia. According to written sources, it is the oldest Slovenian castle and is currently one of the most visited tourist attraction in Slovenia.

Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany


Neuschwanstein Castle is a 19th-century Romanesque revival castle, located on a rugged-hill above the village of Hohenschwangau near Fussen, in southwest Bavaria Germany. The palace was intended as a personal refuge for the reclusive king, but was opened to the public immediately after his death in 1886. Since then, more than 61 million people have visited Neuschwanstein Castle; with a number of 1.3million visits annually, and with as many as 6,000 visits per day in the summer. The Neuschwanstein Castle has prominently appeared in several movies such as: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and the great escape. It also serves as an inspiration for Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle, and thus—similar structures. As you approach Neuschwanstein Castle, which Ludwig II built as a personal retreat using his own personal fortune, you might feel like you’re going even further back in time. Set on a bluff amid the endlessly rolling Bavarian Alps, Neuschwanstein Castle actually seems timeless.



With these list of Europe’s most enchanting castles, I’m sure you’re pumped-up and eager to visit these majestic structures and see it with your own eyes their timeless beauty. So why not plan your travel, and visit these ancient castles? It’ll be fun!



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